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Staying Active This Winter in an Assisted Living Community

December 30, 2020

With temperatures dropping as we near the New Year, winter months can start to take a toll on staying active. While the weather was perfect for early morning walks or light exercise outside in the afternoon, the low morning temperatures and quickly changing light in the evening makes staying active much harder. 

There are many proven health benefits to staying active, such as lower cholesterol and less risk for a heart attack, but movement and activity also improves mood and cognitive function. Remaining active helps promote independence and maintain mental health as well. 

At Fox Trail Senior Living at Deptford, we pride our programming on being diverse by offering something everyone can enjoy. Remaining active does not have to just be physical, it includes mental activity as well! Our residents participate in daily activities that help promote healthy and happy living. Take a look at some of our favorite activities below!


  • Take a Walk


Bundle up and head outside! The temperatures may be dropping, but that doesn’t mean our step count needs to drop as well. At Fox Trail Deptford, we offer a walking club for our residents, as well as a paved walking path. This is a great activity to also remain social and socially distanced. Besides being a great way to get fresh air, walking also lowers blood sugar and reduces pain. If you are just getting into the swing of walking, make sure to wear a pair of supportive shoes and ease into your walks. Strive to make your stride a part of your daily routine!


  • Try an Online Fitness Video


In March, many gyms and fitness centers had to temporarily close their doors due to COVID-19, many fitness instructors and personal trainers have moved to an online platform to offer classes to clients. Now, nine months later, these online fitness classes have boomed. Platforms such as YouTube, MindBody, and other social media platforms have supported athletes and trainers to help them to keep moving. Whether it be indoors or outdoors, trying an online fitness video is an option suitable for all skill levels. Activities such as yoga promote gentle movement and blood flow — which is perfect at any time during your day. 


  • Exercise Your Mind


Staying active does not just mean physically, but also mentally as well. It is important to promote mental health wellness during the winter. We are exposed to less Vitamin D in the winter months, which has a great effect on mood. Participating in activities such as an art class, reading a book, or a crafting helps keep the blood flowing in the mind. We offer a variety of classes that promote the discovery of new hobbies and interests. 


Staying active during the winter does not have to be a challenge, especially at Fox Trail Senior Living at Deptford with our qualified staff and diverse programming. We are sure we have an activity here for everyone!

To learn more about our Deptford community, schedule some time to speak with our care advisors today!

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