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Thinking About Moving into a Senior Community? Here?s What to Consider!

April 25, 2021

We understand that moving into a senior living community is a decision that requires thought, planning, and timing. At Fox Trail Assisted Living in Deptford, we are here to help potential residents make the most educated decision. Here are the first five things you should consider when looking to make a decision.


  • Talk to Your Doctor


Your Primary Care Physician (PCP) can provide you or your family with resources and guidance on making a decision. Assisted Living and Senior Living communities are ideal for seniors who need assistance with managing medications, daily living, and personal care. In some cases, respite care or a short term stay may be an option that your PCP can advise you on. 


  • Consider Finances


When making the decision to move into assisted living, it is important to consider finances. This includes budgeting for the cost of the community, making decisions about whether or not to sell a current home, and budgeting for other miscellaneous costs. 


  • Enlist a Professional for Help


A professional geriatric care manager is someone who is familiar with levels of care, types of living, and the application process for assisted living communities. If you or your loved one is not sure what is the best type of care, it may be worth enlisting a care manager to support you and your family through this decision making process. The care manager helps with everything from finding the right community to assisting a family on financial matters and beyond. 


  • Tour the Facility


Once you or your loved one has narrowed down your top community choices, make sure to take the time to tour. While on the tour (or attending a virtual tour) be sure to ask to talk with current residents and staff. Hearing a first hand account of the community can help ease concern and answer questions that a pamphlet may not, and it allows you to build a relationship with other families that have been in your shoes previously.


  • Talk it Out


Most importantly, you and your loved ones need to be talking the decision out. For some, moving into a senior or assisted living community is a cut-and-dry decision. For many, the decision can take some time. Take the time and talk about your fears, concerns, and anything that may be holding you back—but also discuss what sounds positive, is exciting, and feels like a great decision. At the end of the day, you and your loved ones know what is best for your particular situation, but talking it out with each other and professionals can be helpful.

At Fox Trail Senior Living in Deptford, New Jersey, we are committed to providing quality care and compassion to all of our residents. We would love to discuss your situation with you. We are here to help. Contact us today! 


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