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Dementia Care New Jersey

Fox Trail Senior Living is dedicated to helping individuals and their families make one of life's major decisions. Understanding what to look for, when selecting an assisted or memory care living community, is crucial for matching a resident's needs with the amenities and services being offered. Our New Jersey dementia care communities offer a home-style environment that promotes daily opportunities for residents to have the most positive experiences possible living in a warm, safe facility.

What is Dementia?

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. Although many believe the terms to be synonymous, there are at least 5 million people in the U.S. living with some form of age-related dementia. It can be life changing to learn someone you care about has been diagnosed with a degenerative brain disorder, such as:

  • vascular dementia
  • dementia with Lewy bodies
  • frontotemporal dementia
  • normal pressure hydrocephalus
  • defective huntingtin protein

Each type of dementia does have similar symptoms, trajectories, and outcomes. Due to the large Baby Boomer population and longer life expectancies, the number of seniors living with dementia is expected to increase in coming years. Current estimates suggest that one out of every ten men and one out of every six women living past the age of 55 will develop some form of dementia during his or her lifetime.


Ages of People with Dementia in the United States, 2018



What Services Do Memory Care Living Communities in NJ Provide for Dementia?

Whether you personally provide dementia care for someone suffering with a brain disorder or simply care about someone with the disease, Fox Trail provides the resources to help seniors and their families make important decisions about ongoing memory care living. We understand that caring for a person suffering with dementia is best accomplished by a team of people with the appropriate training and experience. When Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's and other types of dementia progress, so does the individual's need for a greater level of dementia care. Our senior assisted living and memory care living communities are well-equipped to help residents deal with anxiety, agitation, anger, aggression, depression, hallucinations, memory loss and confusion caused by dementia. Layouts at our memory care living facilities support strategies for safe wandering that is so common with dementia residents.

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My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease 6 years ago. My sisters and I were her main caregivers when we just couldn't do it anymore. It took us weeks visiting different Memory Care Communities. It was when we saw Fox Trail in Paramus that I knew it was the perfect fit for my mother and I was right! The House Manager, Shirret, is incredible!! Making the decision to put my mom in a Memory Care community was very difficult and yet Shirret made me feel so at ease. She?s there to answer all my questions anytime. My mom kisses and hugs Shirret often and that just justifies how terrific she is. In fact, all of the women who care for my mom are amazing!! Staff such as Aura, Maria, Lilly, Bridgetta, Ana, Jasmine, Marissia and more not only cook, clean, bath, and dress all the residents, they have a strong love and compassion for each of them. I never thought my mom would adjust to her new home but because of these wonderful women, my mom feels so secure and loved. Despite her disease, she?s actually thriving! I can?t thank them enough for all that they do. I?m truly grateful for each of them.

— Diane R.

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