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Parkinson's Care New Jersey

Receiving a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease can lead to a mixed bag of emotions from disbelief and fear to confusion and anger. Movement related symptoms, such as trembling hands, muscle stiffness, loss of autonomous functions, slow movement, changes in speech and impaired balance, are signs that victims of Parkinson's disease and family members often notice first. However, people with Parkinson's are often more impacted by their non-motor symptoms like constipation, loss of one's sense of smell, and cognitive dysfunctions.

What is Parkinson's Disease?

Parkinson's disease is a neurodegenerative brain disorder that negatively affects dopamine production in a specific area of the brain. Progression of the chronic disease differs from one person to the next. In addition to cognitive impairment, people with Parkinson's disease may experience emotional changes, such as:

  • fear and anxiety
  • changes in behavior
  • depression and pain
  • deliberate apathy
  • loss of motivation

Although the National Parkinson Foundation is helping advance breakthrough treatments and medications, there is no cure and doctors do not know what causes the onset of the crippling disorder. Medical researchers are looking for ways to identify biomarkers of the disease that could lead to an earlier diagnosis and more personalized treatments and therapies to slow the disease process.

What Services Do Memory Care Living Communities in NJ Provide for Parkinson's?

Caring for a loved one with Parkinson's disease can be physically demanding and emotionally draining. Assisted living and memory care living communities have care professionals who are expertly trained to notice changes in posture and facial expressions that can help identify when someone suffering with Parkinson's is just having a rough day or can't stop shaking and needs to shuffle more. This specialized training also benefits residents, as memory care professionals can help them talk through how they really feel about the limitations they are experiencing as well as to help them make comfortable adjustments to protect their coordination and balance. While the disease is not fatal, complications from Parkinson's disease can be serious and it is rated the fourteenth cause of death in America. You can trust our memory care living communities to give you the professional support your family needs and the compassionate care your loved one deserves.

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Staff and management are very attentive. Definitely an excellent price for the services they provide. They are focused on keeping residents involved with activities. Fox Trail Memory Care Living not only provides exceptional care for my father, but also continuously educates my family and I about the psychology and proper treatment of dementia.

— Alice F.

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